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By on December 9th, 2014 in Web Tools

Pocket for iOS

Pocket for iOS

I come across many links every day either on my computer or my phone that I may not have time to read just then, but I want to save for later.  Instead of bookmarking them or leaving the browser tab open, there is a better way.  Pocket is a great service to help you save these links to come back to later.

Pocket is a service you can save links to and read on their website, iPhone app/Android app, or Mac app.  The best part is that it is integrated in several smart phone apps as well.  So if you come across a link, you can save it right there and come back to it in Pocket.  With iOS on the iPhone/iPad in particular, there is a share option that can be used in almost any app.  Here are instructions for enabling that after you have the app installed.

I use the official Save to Pocket Chrome extension that adds a button to your browser’s toolbar.  I also use the PickPocket Chrome extension that adds a little drop down menu to your toolbar for quick access to your Pocket queue.


PickPocket Chrome extension


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