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Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Business

Your business on the web consists of multiple services. Your website, your ecommerce store, your social network pages, your ads, and your email campaigns. Gaining insight into all of the analytics and metrics for each of these parts is critical to ensure everything is performing.

Let us consolidate all this information into an easy to understand report and help you analyze the data to make better decisions.

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Analytics Report

Receive periodic reports for your website traffic, SEO, social media networks, email campaigns, ad campaigns, more!

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Review Meeting

Periodic review meetings to discuss your metrics and plan next steps.

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Reporting Dashboard*

Your own personalized dashboard to log into whenever you want to see how your business is performing.

*available on Standard & Growth

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SEO Analytics

Stop wasting time switching between multiple tools! Integrate all your SEO data in one place.

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Keyword Rankings

Accurate rank tracking of local and global keywords for Search Engine Optimization.

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Backlink Tracking

Monitor how visitors reach your site and analyze the quality of those links.

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$19 /month
  • Perfect for a birds eye view to start planning
  • Basic High-Level Monthly Reports
  • Integrate with your Website, Ecommerce, Social Networks, Ads, Email Campaigns


$149 /month
  • For businesses that are ready to take the next step to grow
  • Everything in Standard
  • Analytics Reporting Dashboard
  • Monthly Review Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for each site?

westwordsCARE is priced per-site. Because of the nature of our service we only allow one website install per plan.

Are content changes included?

No. These plans only cover analytics reporting and/or dashboard access. Content changes will be billed at your agreed upon hourly rate.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Of course. You can upgrade, downgrade, or if you ever decide that westwordsCARE isn't right for you, simply cancel your plan from your account.

What payment types do you accept?

We use Stripe to process all payment types securely and hassle free. Once subscribed to a hosting plan, your payment will be automatically made from your Stripe account each month on the day you signed up. You will be billed automatically when your payment is due and you'll be notified by email each month that the payment has been sent.

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