The Printliminator

By on October 22nd, 2015 in Web Tools

Sometimes I still print stuff off the web, crazy huh?  When I do it, I may not necessarily want everything on the web page to print.  I don’t want to print advertisements, social network buttons, certain text or graphics, etc.  With The Printliminator, you can selectively remove parts of a web page before you print.  It saves paper and creates a nice and neat printed sheet with only the content that you want.

The Printliminator is a bookmarklet.  A bookmarklet is just a regular web browser bookmark, but it runs code on the current web page you are viewing instead of linking to another site.  When you want to print something and remove elements from a page before printing, you click the bookmarklet and a little box of tools pops up in the top right corner of your screen.  Now you can just click on parts of the web page and remove elements.  After you are done, you click Send To Print and your nice clean page is printed.


Here is a video walking through the installation and use.


From the first time that I used a computer at a very young age, I knew that this would be a huge part of my life. The computer allowed me to express myself in a way that nothing else could come close to. Computer graphics and web design opened up so many new and intriguing ways to tell the World about myself. Later, I would discover the immense joy of helping others with technology with the patience and enthusiasm that I give it myself.

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